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Recent popular ignorance concerning Mexico — Reasons therefor — Experience of travel by Bayard Taylor in 1850 — Mexico in 1878, according to the then American minister — Rejoinder of the Mexican Government — Present security and facilities for Mexican travel — Picturesque aspect of Mexico — Peons, or agricultural population — Social condition of the people — Mexican architecture and buildings 13
Popular fallacies concerning Mexico — Its geographical position and physical characteristics — Elevation of the Mexican Central Railroad — The valley of the city of Mexico — The City of Mexico and Vera Cruz Railroad — The Tierras Calientes — No navigable rivers in Mexico — Population — Character of the Aztec civilization — A development of the Stone Age — The romance of Prescott's History — The predecessors of the Aztecs — Counterparts of the mounds of the United States in Mexico — Possible explanation of their origin 38
Spanish colonial policy in Mexico — How Spain protected her home industries against colonial competition — Origin of the War of Independence — Portraits of the Spanish viceroys — The last auto-da-fe in Mexico — Portraits of distinguished Mexicans in the National Hall of Embassadors — Ingratitude of the republic — The American war of invasion and the spoliation of Mexico — Injustice of the war 62