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Academy of Fine Arts, Mexican, 103.
Acapulco, road to, 125.
National School of, 103.
Agricultural machinery in Mexico, 127.
productions of Mexico and the United States compared, 128.
Agriculture, drawbacks to, 115.
Mexican, prospects of, 132.
Aguas Calientes, hot baths of, 25.
Air, dryness of, in Mexico, 200.
America, Central, unhealthiness of, 226.
American invasion of Mexico, 70.
invasion of Mexico without justification, 70.
investments in Mexico, 213.
Americans, dislike of, in Mexico, 217.
Animals, domestic, unknown to the Aztecs, 54.
Architecture, Mexican, 36.
Argentine Republic, revenues of, 182.
Arista, General, memorial of, 70.
Army, Mexican; number and efficiency, 104.
Art in Mexico, 5.
Auto-da-fe, last in Mexico, 57.
Aztec architecture, 57.
civilization, low grade of, 51.
festivals still celebrated, 88.
industries, 56.
territory, limitations of, 54.
Aztecs, cannibalism among, 55.
memorials of, 51.
Banks in Mexico, 198.
Baptist missions in Mexico, 88, 90
Barca, Madame Calderon de la, observations of, 24.
Barrancas of Mexico, 27.
Border population, 208.
British capital in Mexico, 213.
Budget, Federal, of Mexico, 188
Buildings, wooden, absence of, in Mexico, 36.
Business methods of the Mexicans, 237.
Calendar stone, 59.
California, Lower, taxes in, 180.
Cannibalism among the Aztecs, 55.
Capital, Mexican, health of, 201.
Catholic Church of Mexico, future attitude of, 219.
hold upon the people, 82.
responsibility for the condition of Mexico, 114.