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The first purchase of land in the State of Ohio, after the Indian title was extinguished, was made by the Ohio company. On the 27th of November, 1787, Congress made and executed a contract with the agents of the Ohio company for the sale of one million and an half of acres, at the price of one million of dollars, to be paid for in final settlement securities. This tract was bounded on the east by a line called the seventh range which had been previously run; southerly on the Ohio river; westerly on the seventeenth range of townships, and to extend so far north, that a line running east to the first boundary, should contain, exclusive of the reservations, the quantity of land contracted for.

The first regular settlement of this State commenced in the year 1789. A party of about sixty men from New-England, under the superintendence of General Rufus Putnam, and hired and paid by the company, arrived at the