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to the Little Hockhocking river. The people are principally farmers. The good management and excellent culture of their farms has been much admired. An early attention was paid to raising different kinds of fruit trees. Orchards of apple trees of large extent have been planted, which are now become extremely productive. The fruit is of various kinds and of the best flavour. Prodigious quantities of cider is made, and when the fruit is properly collected and carefully made, the liquor is of the first quality. They have likewise large peach orchards for making peach brandy. In this part of the State apple trees and all garden fruit trees thrive surprisingly, and the flavour and size of the fruit is considered superior to that of the Atlantic States. The gardens yield all the culinary plants in high perfection. The various sorts of melons are delicious and grow to a large size.

Opposite to Bellepre is the beautiful island owned by Mr. Blannerhasset. The name of this unfortunate man, whom Col. Burr, by his artifice seduced to engage in his nefarious schemes, is well known. This may render some description of this delightful seat the more interesting. The following was written by a gentleman, on a tour from Philadelphia, and published in the Ohio Navigator.

"Blannerhasset's Island. — On ascending the bank from the landing, (a quarter of a mile be-