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One is on the north side, called Indian Schute, and is the main channel, but not passable when the water is high ; another is near the middle of the river, and called the Middle Schute, and is safe and easy in all heights of water above the middle stage. The third is on the south side, called the Kentucky Schute, and is only passable when the water is high. Immediately above the falls, in the mouth of Beargrass creek, is a good harbour, having twelve feet of water in the lowest stage of the river. At the foot of the falls is another harbour, called Rock Harbour, with water sufficient, at all times, for vessels of any burden. These two harbours are of the greatest importance to those who have occasion to navigate this dangerous passage.

Opening a channel for the passage of ships by the Rapids has been seriously contemplated ; which would be of immense advantage to the trade of the Ohio. That it is practicable cannot be doubted. The only difficulty seems to be to raise a fund sufficient for the purpose. It has been principally proposed to open the canal on the Kentucky side, to commence below Beargrass creek, and enter the river below Shippingport, a distance of about one mile and three quarters ; and that it should be sufficient for ships of four hundred tons. The ground through which it would pass is a stiff clay, down to within about three feet of the flower of the canals which then is a rock. The average depth of the canal is computed at about twenty-