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mourning, when — was dressed in colours. — I am heartly vexed to say, because it implies a censure on persons whom I really value and respect, that the ridiculous fears and violent prejudices of this Batavian have done us some disservice. I have learnt that he is a person of authority in the Briel — one of the municipality; and that kind of difficulty has occurred to prevent us from taking the walk on shore this morning which we proposed, that I shall not ask the same favour again.

The post is arrived which we thought would bring us passports from the Hague; but, a pest on Dutch tardiness, which under every form of government I believe will remain the same, we are disappointed. This mortification is the more distressing, as it is altogether dubious whether it will be determined that we must return by the first conveyance to England, or permission will be granted us to view the republic. The former would be extremely unpleasant to me, as there are many places in the United Provinces which I have an eager curiosity to see; but principally because I am anxious to obtain