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personal esteem, or values for the reputation which they enjoy by the united suffrages of Europe. He would have apologised to me for a sentiment which I was shocked at, by transferring his odium from the nation to the government; (the practice of the Jacobins and revolutionary committees); but I admire the constitution of my country, and the legal, wise, and salutary government which emanates from it, too cordially to be flattered by the sophistry which persuades me to separate myself from the constitutionally-established government of my country; and however I may dislike corrupt and feeble administrations, my attachment to the constitution of my country remains unimpaired.

From Delft to Rotterdam the road is agreeably diversified with neat villages, and a variety of country seats and houses of retirement in the truest Dutch taste. It is, like the road from Maaslandsluys to Delft, on the dyke of the canal, so that the carelessness of the driver might throw his carriage into the water, or precipitate it into the fields, which in some