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his long reign, justice was administered with impartial equity in his courts; nor did the prerogatives of the sovereign ever interfere with the rights of the subject. His attachment to his German possession has been censured by those who repined at the prosperity which the nation enjoyed under his government; but this attachment was the natural result of early association and partiality: and I admire, rather than reproach, the monarch for blending with the exercise of his high authority the feelings and sympathies of a man. The chamber we slept in, was formerly called Koning Kamer, or the King's chamber; but this appellation being incompatible with republican simplicity, it is no longer distinguished from the other apartments of the house.

Since our arrival here, we have undergone a slight examination, pro forma, before the French consul of the place, General Chorié, and the Batavian commissary; and passports have been granted us, with equal readiness and politeness, for three decades, which will afford us a sufficient time to see whatever is