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The hoeing of day is done,
The weary heat of the sun,
The wood is gathered, the water drawn,
And now we can rest
Till the coming of dawn;
Till the coming of dawn, my babe.
Lala, lala, 'mtwana wam;
Lala, 'sana lwam![1]

O soothing season of night!
Bringing a respite sweet
To aching hands and weary feet,
From the burden of toil
And the sting of the heat;
O soothing season of night!
Lala, lala, 'mtwana wam;
Lala, 'sana lwam!

Calm and fair is the night,
The moon shines over the hill,
Flooding with magical light
Forest and field and rill.
All is peaceful and still,

  1. Sleep, sleep, my child;
    Sleep, my babe.