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Preliminary Observations. Discoveries of Hartog: Edel: of the Ship Leeuwin: the Vianen: of Pelsert: Tasman: Dampier: Vlaming; Dampier. Conclusive Remarks.

Under the term Western Coasts, is comprehended the space Preliminary
(Atlas, Pl. I.)
from the western extremity of the northern Van Diemen's Land to the North-west Cape of New Holland; and from thence, southward to Cape Leeuwin. The first is usually termed the North-west, and the second the West Coast: Taken together, they present an extent of shore of between seven and eight hundred leagues in length; lying in the fine climates comprised between the 11th and 35th degrees of south latitude.

The recital of discoveries in Tasman's instructions speaks of the first knowledge gained of these coasts in the following terms: "In the years 1616, 1618, 1619, and 1622, the west coast of this Great unknown South Land, from 35° to 22° south latitude, was discovered by outward-bound ships; and among them by the ship Endragt." The recital gives no further particulars; but from thence, and from a manuscript chart by Eessel Gerrits, 1627,[1] there seems to be Dirk Hartog
sufficient authority for attributing the first authenticated discovery of any

part of the Western Coasts to Dirk Hartog, commander of the ship

  1. See Dalrymple's Collection concerning Papua, note, page 6.