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35 BIBLE BIBLE 36 BIBLE (continued). Psalms (continned). [For the Psalter as published in the Book of Common Prayer:] See Liturgies. — England, Church of. NEW TESTAMENT. The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, translated from the originals into the Telinga language. By the Serampore Mission- aries. Vol. V. Containing the New Testament, (•gi^gfiop isp_^ siniioex) . . . Si "3 <f^E-^_^g'j&>.) pp.960. Mission Press : Serampore, 1818. 8°. 3068. b. 32.(b.) Vol. i. (Pentateuch) was not puhlishcd uniil 1821 ; see nbovc. [Another copy, without English title- page, and wanting pp. 913-960.] 3068. bb. 14. The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated from the original Greek into Teloogoo,by Edward Pritchett, missionary, [assisted by John Gordon and Ananda-rayar] . . . ox^'^!<J'^!^:i:^^ . . . ^-^, lJ■^c^c^»s'iJ-(&->'3'^p^E-•c«S2oc«x>^^ a -hmU 2 vols. British and Foreign Bible Society: Com- mercinl Press: Madras, 1818. 8°. 1410. h. 4. The pagination of the parts is — -Matt., 113 pp. ; Marl; 71 ; LuTce, 12i5; John, 92; Acts, 118; Bom., 49; 1 Cor., 47; 2Cor.—Eph.,m; Phil.—Hehr., 101; Jam., 12; 1 Pet.— llev., 98. John is hound in after Acts. [Another copy of vol. 2.] 1003. c. 26. The New Testament in Teloogoo [in Pritchett's version, revised from the notes of Gordon] . Volume i. Containing the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts. Second edition . . . -giX^O^^ . . . ■(&n>sJ^pr3r-c8bg>oSc)0^^a. pp. 540. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : Church Mission Press : 3fadr as, 1829. 8°. 3068. c. 12. A Commentary on the NewTestameut . . . [Beingthe text and commentary contained in ' The Church- man's Family Bible " published by the Christian ■ Knowledge Society in 1883-86,] translated into Telugu by the Ptov. J. E. Pidfield. (r^£,pao$- i^c3>»r6- oJ-§4^§c^J3«.) 4. vols. C.K.S. Press: Vepery {Madras), I88h-189. 8°. 14174. b. 23. The text of the Gospels is that of the Delcgalcs' First Revision, while that of the rest of the Testament follows the Tentative Edition of 1882. A Telugu Commentary on the New Testament [with text]. Vol. i, Gospel of Matlliew. By John McLaurin. (^^ f)Mo^^c5v»r6- ^§4j-§i^;SM.) 8.P.C.K. Pre.ts : Vepery (Madras), 1901, etc. 12°. 14174, a. 22. Iti progress. _Selections I] The Teaching of Jesus Christ in his own Words. ^"^(J^"^ ^^jS' ^^'ti^iSxi . . . Com- piled for the use of natives of India by the Earl of Northbrook. pp. xii. 118. London, Madras [printed], 1901. 12°. 14174. a. 25. Gospels. sSt^ht^;?'^ I [The Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Translated by Augustus Des Granges from the Greek, with the assistance of G. Cran and Ananda-rayar.] (^■cr'sSD^S's&ie;-^ n^rn^ [Serampore, 1812.] 8°. 1410. h. 5. Without paginatio7i. The text occupies 319 pp., the signatures heing §'--S'_9. [Selections.'] His Life. A complete story in the words of the Four Gospels, prepared by William E. Barton, Theodore G. Soares and Sydney Strong, using the text of the American Standard Revised Bible. Put into Telugu by Rev. W. S. Davis. (acsb^ iXb^^^.) pp. xvii. 250. S.P.G.K. Press: Vepery [Madras), 1909. 16°. 14174. a. 47. [Matthew.] (The Gospel of Matthew. sSd;3^3" i^ro^csbsj&jS' ^i^sJl^E-sSr'jS'sxM.) [A revised version, prepared by the committee formed in 1835.] pp. 103. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society : Mission Press : Bellary, 1840. 8°. 3068. b. 36. Without title-page. St. Matthew's Gospel. s&J^e^ i^csbcroSii' ^jf-SeJE-sSTf^SM. pp.224. Madras Auxiliary Bible Society: American Mission Press: Madras, 1859. 16°. 3068. a. 12. Our Blessed Lord's Sermon on the Mount, St. Matt, v.-vii., in English ... in Tamil ... in Malayajam ... in Kauarese . . . and in Telugu ; in the Anglo-Indian character, with a vocabulary, minute grammatical praxis and inflexional tables ; by the Rev. G. U. Pope. pp. ii. iv. 38, 84, xxii. Madras, 18G0. 8°. 3068. cc. 11.