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43 BEOWN- -CAREY 44 matters, with an Euglisli translation, notes ex- plaining the grammar and a little lexicon. 3 pts. S.P.C.K.Press: Vepery [Madras), ISbl-lSbi. 8°. 14174. n. 29. ^j^-r^gs?. Vakyavali, or in Idioms, English and Telugu. Prepared [i.e. trans- lated with considerable modifications from J. D. Pearson's Bakyabolee, an Anglo-Bengali manual of conversation,] under the directions of Charles Philip Brown. pp. ii. 242. 8.P.C.K. Press: Veperij (Madras) , 1852. 8°. 14174.11.28. The Wars of the Rajas, being the history of (Handeh) Auantapuram. Written in Telugu ; in or about the years 1750-1810. [Edited and] translated into English by Charles Philip Bi'own. 2 pts. pp. i. 79, 91. C.K.S. Press : Vepery (Madras), 1853. 8°. 14174. g. 26. BUCHCHANNA, Pudipeddi. -^^-^ &75'.-csbrsio. SiSj&j (Nootana Kusalaj'akaiii.) [A lyrical poem on the legend of the strife between Kusa and Lava, Rama's sons, and their father and uncles, based upon the Uttara-ramayana.] pp. 90. S^^Si-^^r- no-.^i^ [Vizagapatam, 1899.] 8°. 14174. k. 27.(2.) -p^^cKi^^TSbi^^xi. SJ5.aio. [Saraiigadhara- charitramu. A poem on the legend of the tempta- tion and triumph of Sarangadhara's cbastitj.] pp.113. Vhaga.patam,<il. 8°. 14174. k. 66.(2.) BUCHCHAYYA, Mannava. [For works edited by B., see under the following headings :] Maha-bhakata. — Modern Versions. [Dltagavad- gita.] Peddamatyijdu, N. Upanishads. An Exposition of the Follies of Women and Means of Remedy therefor. -r^Saptis&t^ar'- sxrasSw, S'^^o7»8'c3sScp>^si»ew. Reprinted from the Hindu Reformer, Madras. By M. Butchi.ih Pan- tulu. pp.5]. Madras, 1891. 12°. 14174. f. 11.(1.) BUCHCHI-RAMA SASTRI, Oainjddhara. /bVeGANGA- DHARA BUCHCHI-RAMA SaSTRI. BUKKANA, Raja. ^Sjj^-^«orasSbP2i9. w,!o ^^pQ ^^^ [Bhamini-suguna-maiijari. 31 Sanskrit stanzas on the duties of women, purporting to be compiled by Bukkatia. With a Tcliigu translation. Edited by M. Visva-natha Sastri.] pp. 27. Madras, 1889. 12°. 14072. h. 20.(1.) TJie wrapper hears the date 1890. BUTTERWORTH (Alan) . See Madras, Presidency of. A Collection of the Inscriptions ... in the Nellore District. Made by Alan Butterworth . . . and V. Venugopaul Chetty. 1905. 8°. 14058. c. 11. CAIN (John). A Key to the Acts of the Apostles. (es^^Mo s^JS^is^ii ^^&l)r.) [Translated into Telugu by 0. YSsu-dasu.J pp. i. ii. 95. S.P.G.K. Press : Vepery (Madras), 1909. 12°. 14174. a. 50. CAMPBELL (Alexander Duncan). A Dictionary of the Teloogoo Language, etc. pp. iii. i. 601, v. College Press : Madras, 1821. 4°. 621.1.20. [Another edition.] pp. iii. i. 332, 312, iii. Hindu Press : Madras, 1848. 8°. 12907. e. 18. CAMPBELL (William Howard). See Brown (C. P.). A Telugu-English dictionary . . . revised ... by . , . W. H. Campbell, etc. 1903. 4°. 14174. n. 45. CANDY (Thomas), Captain. In whom shall we trust . a^£,j3.^^S3ar'oS,'Scoi5s5e)^^iS"^'sr',?)3^iJ'- ^n. [A Christian tract, originally published in Marathi. Translated into Telugu by Puru- shottamu.] pp. 24. [1835?] See Bellary. — Brllary Tract Society. [Tracts.] no. 10(«). 1835- 1838. 12°. 14174. a. 37.(1.) In whom shall we trust ? S^£^.^ 3oS8 Su-eS ^ois- su.xso. (V.T.S. No. 3.) Third edition, pp. 17. London Mission Press: Vizagajjatam, 18G3. 16°. 14174. a. 4.(22.) CAREY (William), of Ciitwa. Darkness dispelled. fc9o.:;S'"5^S ■?r"?jS'.tco. [A Christian tract, originally written in Bengali by W. Carey. Trau.slated into Telugu by Parushottamu.] (V.T.S. No. 24.) Second edition, pp. 26. London Mission Press : Vizagajyatam, 1861. 16°. 14174. a. 4.(7.) CAREY (William), of Serampnre. [For Telugu translations of parts of the Bible prepared under llie guidance of W. Carey and other missionaries of Seraiupore :] See Bible. A Grammar of the Telinga Language. pp. iii. 180. Mission Press : Scrampore,': 8°. 69. b. 15.