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This page needs to be proofread.

"How you tire me, with your maliciously wicked remarks ! You will see, you will see that, because of them, we shall never be able to establish a desirable salon."

And she added:

' ' If you really wish to become a man of society, you must learn first either to be an imbecile or to hold your tongue."

They made, unmade, and rematie a list of guests, which, after laborious combinations, was finally settled upon as follows :

The Countess Fergus, divorced, and her friend, the economist and deputy, Joseph Brigard.

The Baroness Henri Gogsthein, divorced, and her friend, the poet, Theo Crampp.

The Baroness Otto Butzinghen, and her friend, the Viscount Lahyrais, clubman, sportsman, gambler, and trickster.

Mme. de Rambure, divorced, and her friend, Mme. Tiercelet, suing for divorce.

Sir Harry Kimberly, symbolist musician, and his young friend, Lucien Sartorys, as beautiful as a woman, as supple as a peau de Suede glove, as slender and blonde as a cigar.

The two academicians, Joseph Dupont de la Brie, collector of obscene coins, and Isidore Durand de la Marne, author of gallant memoirs in private and severe student of Chinese at the