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seductive through his evident cynicism and corruption. In addition to the fact that he had pleased me from the first, his resistance, or, rather, his indifference, caused my desire to quickly ripen into love.

One morning I found M. Xavier awake, and sitting on the edge of the bed. I remember that he wore a white silk shirt with blue dots. I modestly started to withdraw, but he called me back:

"Oh! what is the matter? Come in. You are not afraid of me, are you? "

With his two hands clasped over his leg, and his body swaying to and fro, he surveyed me for a long time with the utmost effrontery, while I, with slow and graceful movements, and blushing a little, placed a tray on the little table near the mantel. And, as if he then really saw me for the first time, he said:

"Why, you are a very stylish girl. How long, then, have you been here?"

"Three weeks. Monsieur."

"Well, that's astonishing!"

"What is astonishing, Monsieur?"

"That I have never noticed that you were so beautiful. Come here!" said he.

I approached, trembling a little. Without a word he took me by the waist, and forced me to sit down beside him.

"Oh! Monsieur Xavier," I sighed, struggling,