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looked in

evening dress ! — and as I was carefully arranging his affairs in the dressing-room, he asked me, •without embarrassment or hesitation, and almost in a tone of command, precisely as he would have asked me for hot water:

' ' Have you five louis ? I am in absolute need of five louis to-night. I will return them to you to-morrow. ' '

That very morning Madame had paid me my wages. Did he know it?

' ' I have only ninety francs, ' ' I answered, a little ashamed, — ashamed of his question, perhaps, but more ashamed, I think, at not having the pntire sum that he asked.

' ' That makes no difference, ' ' said he ; "go and get me the ninety francs. I will return them to you to-morrow. ' '

He took the money, and, by way of thanks, said in a dry, curt tone that froze my heart: "That's good ! ' ' Then, putting out his foot with a brutal movement, he commanded insolently:

" Tie my shoes. And be quick about it; I am in a hurry."

I looked at him sadly, imploringly:

" Then you are not to dine here this evening. Monsieur Xavier ? ' '

"No, I dine in town. Make haste."

As I tied his shoes, I moaned:

" And you will not return to-night? I shall cry