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This page needs to be proofread.

"You are all thieves," I cried; " you are all pimps! "

And I went away, threatening them with the commissary of police and the justice of the peace.

« ' Oh ! you are looking for trouble ? Yes, well, you shall have it, scoundrels that you are ! ' '

Alas ! the commissary of police pretended that the affair did not concern him. The justice of the peace advised me to let it drop. He explained:

• ' In the first place, Mademoiselle, you will not be believed. And that is as it should be. What would become of society if a servant could be right against a master? There would be no more society. Mademoiselle. That would be anarchy."

I consulted a lawyer; he demanded two hundred francs. I wrote to M. Xavier; he did not answer me. Then I coimted up my resources. I had three francs fifty left — and the street