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things that make my head ache and turn my stomach. I come back to my little stories.

I had much dif&culty in leaving the sisters of Our Lady of Thirty-Six Sorrows. In spite of Clecle's companionship, I was growing old in the box, and beginning to be hungry for liberty. When they understood that I had made up my mind to go, then the worthy sisters offered me places and places. There were places only for me. But I am not always a fool, and I have a keen eye for ras- calities. All these places I refused. In all of them I found something that did not suit me. You should have seen the heads of these holy women. It was laughable. They had calculated on finding me a place in the house of some old bigot, where they could get back out of my wages the cost of my board with usury, and I enjoyed playing them a trick in my turn.

One day I notified Sister Boniface that it was my intention to go that very evening. She had the cheek to answer me, raising her arms to heaven: " But, my dear child, it is impossible." "How so? Why is it impossible? " "Why, my dear child, you cannot leave the house like that. You owe us more than seventy francs. You will have to pay us first these seventy francs."

" And with what? " I replied. "I have not a sou; you can s