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" . . . ' that the girl Jeanne Le Godec has been in my service for thirteen months, and that I have no cause of complaint againgt her, on the score of -work, behavior, and honesty. ' Yes, it is always the same thing. Recommendations that say nothing, that prove nothing. They give one no information. Where can one write to this lady ? ' '

"She is dead."

"She is dead. To be sure, evidently she is dead. So you have a recommendation, and the very person who gave it to you is dead. You will confess that has a somewhat doubtful look."

All this was said with a very humiliating ex- pression of suspicion, and in a tone of gross irony! She took another recommendation.

"And this person? She is dead, too, no doubt?"

"No, Madame. Mme. Robert is in Algeria with her husband, who is a colonel."

" In Algeria! " exclaimed the lady. "Nat- urally. How do you expect anybody to write to Algeria? Some are dead, others are in Algeria. The idea of seeking information in Algeria ! This is all very extraordinary."

« ' But I have others, Madame, ' ' implored the unfortunate Jeanne Le Godec. "Madame can see for herself. Madame can inform herself."

"Yes, yes! I see you have many others. I see that you have been in many places, —