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light? "

And he looked at his wife as if to ask her advice, at the same time murmuring:

"Indeed, that is something! One cannot deny it. That is not bad."

The woman stammered:

" Surely that helps out a little."

Then, trembling and embarrassed:

"Madame the Countess no doubt gives presents also in the month of January and on Saint Fiacre's day?"

' ' No, nothing. ' '

"It is the custom, however. ' '

"It is not mine."

In his turn the man asked :

' ' And for the weasels and pole-cats ? ' '

"No, nothing for those either; you can have the skins."

This was said in a dry, decisive tone, that for- bade further discussion. And suddenly:

"Ah! I warn you, once for all, that I forbid the gardener to sell or give vegetables to any one whomsoever. I know very well that it is necessary to raise too many in order to have enough, and that three-fourths of them are wasted. So much the worse! I intend to allow them to be wasted."

' ' Of course, the same as everywhere else ! ' '

"So it is agreed ? How long have you been married? "

' ' Six years, ' ' answered the woman.