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man. And

your lips ! your lips ! What have those lips been doing? "

He smilingly reassured her, with a slightly swaying motion of his body:

"No, indeed, I assure you, Nini, that's straight. Mamma had gone on an errand, — yes, truly."

Eugenie repeated several times :

" Oh ! you scamp, you scamp, I do not want you to be looking at other women. Your little phiz for me, your little mouth for me, your big eyes for me ! Say, do you really love me ? "

"Oh, yes, surely."

" Say it again."

"Oh! surely."

She leaped upon his neck, and, panting, led him into the adjoining room, stammering words of love.

"William said to me :

" How she holds him! And what a pile this little chap costs her ! Last week she gave him a complete new outfit. You would not love me like that."

This scene had stirred me deeply, and I promptly vowed a sister's friendship for the poor Eugenie. This boy resembled M. Xavier. At least there was a moral similarity between these two beings, — so pretty, though so rotten. And this reminder made me sad, — oh! infinit