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" Madame! Monsieur! Come down right away. We are robbed ! we are robbed ! ' '

There was a sudden avalanche, a frightful plunge down the stairs. Madame, in her chemise, with her shoulders scarcely covered by a light neckker- chief. Monsieur, in his drawers and shirt. And both of them, dishevelled, pale, and grimacing, as if they had been awakened in the middle of a nightmare, shouted:

" "What is the matter? "What is the matter? "

' ' We are robbed ! we are robbed ! ' '

«' We are robbed, what? We are robbed, what?"

In the dining-room, Madame groaned :

'«MyGod! My God!"

While, with distorted mouth. Monsieur continued to scream:

' ' We are robbed, what ? what ? ' '

Guided by Joseph into the servants' hall, Madame, at sight of the three boxes unsealed, made a great gesture, uttered a great cry:

" My silver service ! My God! Is it possible ? My silver service ! ' '

And, lifting the empty compartments, and turn- ing the empty cases upside down, she sank, frightened and horrified, upon the floor. Scarcely had she strength enough to stammer, in the voice of a child:

' ' They have taken everything ! T