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service? Come! shake yourself; stir yourself; try to understand. Go for the police, for the justice of the peace. Ought they not to have been here long ago ? Oh ! my God ! vhat a man ! ' '

Monsieur, with bent back, started to go. She interrupted him:

"And how is it that you heard nothing? What! they turn the house upside down, break in doors, force locks, empty walls and boxes, and you hear nothing? What are you good for, big blockhead? "

Monsieur ventured to answer:

' ' But you, too, my pet, you did not hear any- thing."

" I ? It is not the same thing. Is it not a man's business to hear? And besides, you provoke me. Clear out! "

And, as Monsieur went up-stairs to dress, Madame turned her fury upon us.

' ' And you ? What are you doing, standing there like so many bundles, and looking at me? It is all the same to you, I suppose, whether your masters are plundered or not? And you too heard nothing? What luck! It is charming to have such servants. You think of nothing but eating and drinking, pack of brutes that you are ! ' '

Then, addressing Joseph directly, she asked :

"Why didn't the dogs bark? Say, why not? "

This question seemed to embarrass Joseph for a fraction of a second, but he quickly recovered himself.