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andalized, "a

man who is so devoted to us, who has been in our service for more than fifteen years ! Honesty itself. Monsieur; a pearl! He would throw himself into the fire for us."

Anxious, with wrinkled brow, she reflected :

"Unless it were this girl, the chambermaid. I do not know her. Perhaps she has very bad rela- tions in Paris. Several times I have caught her drinking the table-wine and eating our prunes. A servant who drinks his master's wine is capable of anything."

And she murmured:

' ' One should never take servants from Paris. She is singular, indeed."

Just fancy the mean thing!

That is the way with suspicious people. They suspect everybody, save him who robs them, cf course. For I was more and more convinced that Joseph had been the soul of this affair. For a long time I had watched him, not from any hostile feel- ing, as you may know, but from curiosity; and I was certain that this faithful and devoted servant, this unique pearl, was foraging in the house for all he was worth. He stole oats, coal, eggs, all sorts of little things that could be sold without giving any trace of their origin. And his friend, the sacristan, did not come to the harness-room in the evening for nothing, and simply to discuss the benefits of anti-Semitism. Being a