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We met again in the harness-room in the evening, as before.

"Well, Joseph?"

"Ah! it is you, Celestine! "

" Why don't you speak to me any more? You seem to shun me."

"Shun you? I? Oh! heavens!"

' ' Yes, since that famous morning. ' '

" Don't talk of that, Celestine; you have too bad ideas."

And he sadly wagged his head.

" Come, Joseph, you know that I do that for fun. Would I love you, if you had committed such a crime? My little Joseph " . . .

"Yes, yes. You are trying to wheedle me. It is not well."

' ' And when are we to start ? I cannot live here any longer. ' '

"Not directly. We must wait awhile."

"But why?"

"Because . . . that cannot be done at once."

A little piqued, I said in a tone of slight anger :

"It is not nice of you. You evidently are in no hurry for me."

" I? " cried Joseph, with ardent grimaces. ' ' Why, I am crazy over you. ' '

"Well, then, let us start."

But he was obstinate, refusing .o explain further.

"No, no; that cannot be d