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, nocturnal

wallscalings, robberies, drawn knives, people in the agony of death on the forest heath. And it was nothing but ?. petty and vulgar piece of advertising.

With his hands in his pockets, and his blue skull-cap on his head, he swayed to and fro, in a droll fashion.

" Do you understand? " he insisted. "At the outbreak of a war a very pretty Alsatian, finely dressed, would inflame hearts and excite patriotism. And there is nothing like patriotism to get people drunk. What do you think of it? I would put you in the newspapers, and perhaps even on posters."

' ' I prefer to remain in the costume of a lady, ' ' I answered, a little dryly.

Thereupon we began to quarrel. And for the first time we came to violent words.

' ' You did not put on so many airs when you were intimate with everybody, ' ' cried Joseph.

' ' And you ? . . . When you ... Oh ! you had better let me alone, because I could say too much."

"Strumpet! "


A customer came in. The discussion ceased. And at night there was a reconciliation, with