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1824. 5 Geo. IV., cap. 84.

More strictly defines powers of Superintendents of Convicts on transports.

Convict whose sentence has been remitted by Governor, and who is free so long as he remains in Colony, may have right of owning property and being sued in the Courts.

Consolidates all the Transportation Acts.

Important Debates are indicated thus *
1810. 4th May. (Hansard.)
9th May. Sir S. Romilly moved address to King to put in force 19 and 34 Geo. III. re Penitentiary Houses. Withdrawn. (Hansard.)
*5th June. See above. Lost. 52-69. (Hansard.)
1811. 13th February. (Hansard.)
4th March. Committee on Penitentiary Houses appointed. (Hansard.)
1812. 4th February. Sir Samuel Romilly gave notice of motion to repeal Geo. III. relative to transportation of convicts. (Hansard.)
12th February. Committee on Transportation appointed. (Hansard.)
1813. 8th January. (Hansard.)
1815. 22nd June. Bill to extend duration of Transportation Acts introduced (Hansard.)
1816. *20th February. Offenders' Transportation Bill First Reading. (Hansard.) Same. Second Reading. (Hansard.)
3rd April. Tierney moved address to Prince Regent praying for abolition of Third Secretary of State. (Hansard.)
1817. *10th March. Bennet presented petition from settlers in New South Wales. (Hansard.)
29th April. Tierney moved for Committee to inquire into advisability of abolishing Third Secretary of State. (Hansard.)
1819. *18th February. Bennet moved the appointment of Committee to inquire into system of Transportation and State of New South Wales. Lost 93 to 139. (Hansard.)
1st. March. Lord Castlereagh moved appointment of Committee on Gaols and Prisons, which would also inquire into State of New South Wales. Carried. (Hansard.)
*23rd March, Brougham presented petition of Blake and Williams. (Hansard.)
*7th April. Bennet moved address to stay departure of female convict ship to New South Wales. Lost. (Hansard.)
1819. 29th June. First Reading of New South Wales Duties Bill. (Times, 30th June, 1819.)
2nd July. Committee stage of New South Wales Duties Bill. (Times, 3rd July, 1819.)