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R.O. = Record Office.

C.O. = Colonial Office.

MS. = Documents in Manuscript.

D. = Despatch.

Encl. = Enclosure to D., etc.

H.R. = Historical Records of New South Wales, 1788-1811 (published by New South Wales Government).

P.P. = Parliamentary Papers.

H.C. = House of Commons.

C. on T. = Report of Committee on Transportation, together with minutes of Evidence and Appendices, P.P., 1812.

C. on G. = Report of Committee on Gaols, etc., P.P., 1819.

Bigge's Report, I. = Bigge's Report on Convict System, P.P., 1822.

Bigge's Report, II. = Bigge's Report on Judiciary and Police, P.P., 1823.

Bigge's Report, III. = Bigge's Report on Agriculture and Trade, etc., P.P., 1823.

Appendix Bigge's Reports. = Appendices to Reports in R.O. consisting of minutes of evidence, documents, etc.

S.G. = Sydney Gazette.

G.G.O. = Government and General Orders.