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by this Index, POET LORE published over thirty note- worthy dramas. Particular attention was given to the French, Russian and German schools. We are unable at this time to state accurately the ultimate popularity of all the authors rep- resented for the reason that their works have not been tested by time. We can say, however, that POET LORE has in the past published the works of no man who has not at some later date shown his genuine merit.

In the period referred to, appeared for the first time, work, by Hebbell, Hervieu, Galdos, Tchekkof, Pshibishevsky, Rosmer, Prydz, Duhamel and further original English translations of Hauptmann, Schnitzler and Strindberg. As an example of the breadth of the field from which POET LORE draws its material, we point to a translation of Sword and Crozier from the Icelandic of Einarsson which appeared in I9i'2.

To sum up : POET LORE has introduced to this country no less than fifty-four European dramatists and eighty-six dramas. POET LORE has gathered the great literary works of every civilized country under the sun and offered them to the English speaking public in advance of any other publication. Continuing the same policy up to the present time, POET LORE is intro- ducing to its readers to-day, the unknown geniuses who are to become world-famous to-morrow. In the words of The Dial, POET LORE stands steadfastly for good literature. "

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