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tle red pepper is generally nipped up with the leaves before they are stuffed into the mouth, and are called Cho-él sambĕl.

Chohai, a frog which is sometimes found in houses, and which has the power of sticking to a perpendicular wall.

Chokél, to dig or scratch out with a bit of stick or iron; to dig down or into a small hole by stamping something into it.

Chokolada, European, The Cacao tree, Theobroma Cacao. Chocolate.

Chokor, the foot, the paw, particularly of a beast; when applied to the foot of a man, which is often the case, it conveys and idea of indignity put upon the man who owns the foot. (At Bali it is a honourable name for foot; there from comes Chokor-da, your foot, cf. Jav. sampéyan, a title given to the highest Râjas. Fr.)

Chokot, to take, to lay hold of. Lay hold!

Chokrah, to make a hole in a bank of earth, in a bit of wood, or any other substance, by scooping out or twirling a knife in it.

Chokrék, small sticks for fuel, small firewood.

Chokrom, the egg-plant, Solanum melongena. Called Térong in Malay.

Cholat, a white mark or star on a horse's forehead.

Chologor, the seed branch of an Arén or Kawung tree whilst yet young and unfit to be used for tapping to gather toddy to make sugar. Such seed branches, which after properly beating and preparing refuse to give toddy are called Chologor.

Cholok, shoved in between; inserted in; jammed into; to insert an instrument into an aperture. Mata na kacholok ku awi, his eye got run into by a bambu.

Cholong, to steal, to take covertly, to abstract.

Cholongchong, a bambu conical basket in which tame pigs are caught and transported.

Chomas, name of a place, amongst others of an Estate near Buitenzong. Evidently compounded of Chi, river, and Omas, the name of a variety of Rattan, or it may be an abbreviation of Katomas, the gold and green leaved Justicia.

Chomas, heard in Hanjuang chomas, a variety of Justica and is probably an abbreviation of Katomas.

Chomblang, a pimp, a procuress.

Chombrang, an unexpanded head- bud of the Honje, Geanthus speciosus.

Chomél, grumbling dissatisfied; to murmur.

Chomot, a lump, a pinch of anything taken in the fingers.

Chomplong, a small tin measure in which salt is retailed; considerably less than a gantang; of various sizes.

Chondong, inclined, tottering, about to fall.

Chongchot, said of rice cooked by steaming, and just as turned out of the bambu steamer. Rice which has not undergone the process of Akĕul which see.

Chonggang, deficient, as if something had been taken out or away.