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Dahu, name of a tree, Dracontomelon mangiferum, formerly called Paupertia Dulcis.

Daik, to be willing, to wish to, to will. Daik ka mana, where are you going to? Daik balik, I am going back.

Daik-daik, malicious, willingly doing wrong, wayward.

Daik-kĕn, to be willing,

Dairah, ar: Circuit, region, province; district, jurisdiction.

Dak-děk, the idiomatic expression of being actively employed on any work. Dak also alone sometimes occurs.

Daki, scurf, dandriff, any dust or foulness about the skin, such as the foulness which collects in a currycomb after being used on a horse. The dust which adheres to rice or other grain after pounding or grinding.

Dalang, the man who recites the story at a Wayang. A Bard.

Dalapan, Eight; literally „two folded down", see lep. Dualěpan = Dalapan. (Another derivation is from dua and alapan „taking away two" (from ten); herewith corresponds salapan „taking away one", which is used in Sundanese for nine Fr.)

Dalapanblas- Eighteen.

Dalapanpuluh, Eighty.

Dalěm or dalam, a title of respect for a high native, such as a Regent, and as such is prefixed to their name of rank , as Dalem Adipati, DaLem Tumunggung. Such men of rank are also spoken of familiarly as the Dalem, and the word Padaleman implies the place where the Dalem lives. Dalem is no doubt the same as Malay Dalam, within as in the estimation of natives, inner arrangements or a withdrawal from public view is considered consistent with a great man's dignity.

Dalěm, as dalem, individually, distributively , within the compass of. Didalem sa orang kabagian sapatong séwang individually each man got a little bit. Didalem is also Malay, and in that language implies, in, within, as well as the meaning attached to it in Sunda, The Sunda people retain the word only in a sort of metaphorical sense, as given above, and use di jero for in, within.

Dalil, ar: proof, argument; guide, direction. This is not a word in common use, still it is not unknown. Many years ago a scoundrell who caused a disturbance in Bantam had himself called Pangeran Adipati Dalil, the Pangeran Adipati who is a Guide.

Dalima, the pomegranate, Punica granatum. Darima, C. 259 an kind of pome granate. (Dâlima, with cerebral d, is the Sanscrit word.)

Dalu, rotten with ripeness, over- ripe.

Daluang or Daluwang, paper. Probably originally the bark of certain trees macerated and used for clothing as in the South seas, or used as paper, as is still the case in a few places in Java, as in Madiun. Daluwa, C. 260 The young shoot of the leaf, a bud. Is this the young shoots of the Palm leaf used for writing on , with ng suffixed ?

Dalung, a copper cooking pot, short and round, not tall like the sé-éng.