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along a hollow tree or a spout. I am indebted to Mr. Friederich for this suggestion.

Dua, two, Duwa, C. 280 the number two, Very likely derived from Ruwa , C. 597, an image , and modified to mean similarity, parity. In many Polynesian languages this word becomes Rua; it is even heard in Javanese in the word Loro, two. Rua is the word for two in the languages of the Lampungs, Makasar, Saparua, Timur; and Lemaire gives it as occurring in New Guinea, and the Isle de Moyse. Wilson and Keate found it in the shape of Oru at the Pelew Islands, Mariner gives Ua for the Tonga Isles , and Ua is heard at the Marquesas, and lua at the Sandwich Isles. Bourgaine-ville gives Aroua for Tahiti. (Rua might be the original Polynesian word ; but dua is certainly introduced by the Hindus, (duo, two), whose numerals are yet known in the more civilised part of the Archipelago. Fr.)

Duablas, twelve; also Dua wĕlas,

Duapuluh, twenty.

Duduh, to accuse, to impeach, to indicate as , to charge, to point out as having done any particular act. Di duduh maling, he accused him of stealing.

Duduk, seated, habituated, to become settled, accustomed, Di gawé éta geus duduk ayeuna, he has now become habituated to the work, Batu na geus duduk, the stone is seated fixed in its place. (See Diyĕuk. The meaning here given to duduk will not contradict to his being a reduplication. Fr.)

Dudukui, a cover for the head made of bambu, called in Malay Tudung.

Dudul, as Kuda si dudul, the war steed of Bagind’ali or His Highness Ali, the son in law of Mohammad.

Duduluran, to treat as a brother; to be on brotherly terms - see Dulur.

Dudur, a piece of wood in a roof which occupies the centre of tie beams, reaching from the apex to the middle of the base.

Dudut, a bird so called; the Centropus Bubutos of Horsfield.

Dudut, to pull the feathers off a bird, or the hair off an animal, as preparatory to cooking.

Dudutan, to put in order, to arrange.

Dug, the idiomatic expression of fixing oneself down to any place, of taking up one’s abode. Dug di imahan, and there he put up a house. Also of striking a drum or Bĕdug: Dug ngabedug, and bang he struck the drum.

Duga, to undertake, to reckon to be able; power or ability to do anything. To guess.

Duga-duga, to calculate the chances; to think to be able.

Dugal, a lump, a clod.

Dugĕl, a bundle of Paddy in some places, particularly in South Bantam.

Duhung, the bis of a great man. Duhung kiai Tumunggung the kris of his honour the Tumumggung.

Duit or Duwit, a doit Dutch, Duit, The word is used to express "Money” generally. To bogah duit, I have no money.