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Gompong, name of a tree, wood bad and much eaten by Bangbara.

Gondang, a large fresh water slug fish in a shell. Ampullaria.

Gondok, a wen on the throat, a goiter, frequently met with amongst the mountaineers. Daik gondok, may I get a goiter. A common asseveration when a person perceives himself disbelieved. (Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) id.)

Gondok laki, the pomum Adami, or projection on the fore part of the neck of a man.

Goné,a gunny bag. This word is from the continent of India where the gunnies are made.

Gonggong, to bark like a dog. See Gogog. Anjing Sapeupeuting ngagonggong bai, the dogs kept barking the whole night through. Puyu gonggong, literally the barking quail, Perdix Javanica. See Puyu.

Gongséng, name of a creeper, from which is got a juice for the stomach ache.

Gontang, Jugglery. Certain ceremonies performed in order to ascertain the cause of disease.

Go-ong, a Gong; a circular musical instrument made of brass and beaten with a soft mallet.

Goréng, bad, vicious, spoiled, no longer fit for use.

Goréngkěn, to speak evil of, to make as wicked.

Gorogol, a fenced inclosure with a spring door to catch wild pigs, tigers or other wild animals.

Gosé, an oar for a native boat, a paddle.

Gosok, to rub, to wipe; to polish by rubbing. To rub clean, to scour. Figuratively- to find fault with, to keep worrying at, to egg on.

Gosong, to run ashore as a ship, stranded.

Gotong, to carry by two or more people, by means of the weight resting on the shoulders. Mostly, however, to carry by two people, with the weight suspended from a pole resting on each man's shoulders.

Gotrah, agreement, common fortune.

Gowat, quick, speedy; make haste! This word can also to Singhalese roots. Gosgohingohila are absolute participles of the verb Yanawa to go, and mean thus—„having gone." Wat, C. 618 is an affix to words implying possession - having - and Gowat would thus imply - „having the property of having gone" having made haste.

Gowok, a variety of the kupa tree. Called often kupa gowok.

Gowowok, gobbling up, tearing to pieces and swallowing as fast as possible; said especially of tigers and dogs.

Goyang, to shake, to move, to agitate.

Gréja, the church, the Christian place of worship. It is the Portuguese Igréja or Iglesia.

Grisé or Grisik, name of a place in the straits of Madura, noted for its ancient trade, and as having been one of the chief places where the early Mohammedan Missionaries established their religion- derived from Girikh, C. 174, a mountain, a hill- and Sikha, C. 731, a point, top in general. Grisé is situated at the extremity or point of the range of hills called Gunung Giri, where it projects into the strait of Madura. The