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Abah-abah, goods, chattels, effects; gear, tackle – see Parabah.

Abang, Javanese-Red-rarely heard – occurs in the word Tanabang near Batavia – Tanah-abang – red land.

Abdallah, the son of Abd-ul-muttalib, and father of the prophet Mohammad, he was the husband of Amina. Not long after their marriage Abdallah set out on a trading journey to Gaza in the south of Syria, and on his return, died at Medina before Mohammad was born.

Abd-ul-Muttalib, the grandfather of Mohammad, who took care of him when left as an orphan at the early age of seven years: but he also died soon after in A. D. 578 aged 82 years. Col: Rev: June 184 Page 374. Abd-ul-Mutalib was noted for the munificence with which he entertained all pilgrims, who came to the temple in Mecca of which he was guardian.

Abdi, ar: a slave or bondman to the government; the term was in vogue under the Sultans of Bantam. Throughout the Country of Bantan there were scattered Lumbur abdi and orang abdi, abdi villages and abdi people, who were treated as serfs or slaves, and their young women sent to the Harems in Bantan, by a sort of "Droit de seigneur."

Abdul, ar: the slave of – from the arabic word abd slave. Many Mohammedan names begin with these words, as Abdul-Rachman the slave of the compassionate (God) – Abdul Rahim, the slave of the merciful (God).