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Kapiran, disappointment, anything done contrary to expectation or desire. Ulah sia jadi kapiran, D'ont you cause disappointment. (Known at Batavia).

Kapirang-pirang, how many, so very many. It is of the same etymology as the Javanese word Piro, how many, many- Piro-piro, multitude. Kapirang-pirang imah ĕunyĕuh, how many (or so very many) houses have fallen down.

Kapisěr, having become unconscious, but coming to life again; apparent death- the same as Kapilangan.

Kapitan, Captain. Kapitein, Dutch for captain. Kapitan-china, the Captain Chinaman.

Kapiting, a Crab, a sea-crab. Cancer. (Mal. Batav. idem.)

Kapo-ékan, overtaken by night; darkness closed in. Mad with rage, furious; dizzy, giddiness. The state of mind which precedes Amuk. (From Poë, night.)

Kapoi, exposed to the sun. To laku kapoi, it must not be exposed to the sun.

Kapok, disgusted with anything so that you will have nothing more to do with it. Discontinuing some act or offence in consequence of the penalty inflicted therefore. Maling kěbo éta to daiken kapok, they will not cease to steal buffaloes (notwithstanding the punishment inflictedf or the offence.) Kapok ayĕunah ngahĕurĕuian aing they now know better then to trouble me. — (Kapok, Batav. to become afraid, to get terrified from (doing anything) Kapok, Jav. to better, to amend himself. Gerick.)

Kapol, the soft husk of a young Cocoa nut which is eatable.

Kapol, Cardamums. Amomum Cardamomum.

Kaponakan, third cousins, children of mindo. (From anak, prefixed kapua? At Batavia and in the neighbourhood Kaponakan are the children of one's brother or sister; kaponakan misan, children of a cousin. Fr.)

Kaporod, stollen — a vulgar expression.

Kaprah, of the average rate or quality; something that every one does; universally admitted. Paré na kaprah, the paddy is an average crop- is fair. Kaprah lalaki éwéan, men as a rule take wives. Nu sugih kaprah bogah kawasa, Rich men are universally admitted to have power. (Kaprah, custom, usage. Jav. Batav.)

Kapuah, an excessive quantity, a glut.

Kapuah, used in Jampé and incantations, and seems to correspond with the Singhalese Kapuwa, a Demon priest, C. 105. (Might be the Kawi pronoun Kapua.)

Kapuk, the cotton used for stuffing pillows, mattresses &c. It is short in staple, and cannot be used for spinning. It is produced by the trees called Randu, and Randu lĕuwĕung, respectively Eriodendron Anfractuosum, and Bombax Malabaricum. See Randu.

Kapu, C. 105, the silk cotton tree; cotton.

Kapur Baros, Baros lime or Baros Camphor the produce ot the Dryobalanops Camphora. Baros is a place on the west coast of Sumatra where it is procured. Kapuru, C. 105. Camphor. (Scr. Karpûra, Camphor. Fr.)

Kara, an idiomatic expression hard to translate. Lain karagoréng éta D'ont you very well know that that is bad. It calls the attention of the hearer forcibly to some matter.