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probably called Kérékan, the snorer, from the sound made when winding the threads upon the reeds, in the native spining whedl.

Kërĕng, severe, rigorous.

Kĕrĕp, set close together, crowded, thickset; frequently occurring.

Kĕrĕpan, to set close together- to bring nearer to each other.

Kĕrépék, split bambu fastened together so as to make a temporary fence, and set in rivers to enclose and catch fish.

Kĕrĕti the constellation of the Pleiades, called also Guru Désa or the village monitor, as the Paddy cultivation is regulated by its rising. Karttika, C. 120 the month Asala (Oct and Novr.) when the moon is full near the Pleiades. Karttikéya, C. 120, the Indian god of war , ansevering to the Grecian Mars. (Krittikâ, the Pleiades , who were considered as the nurses of Karttikéya, who is named after them. Fr.)

Kĕrĕwĕk, to lay hold of a man and bind him; to pounce upon.

Kĕri, growing slowly, stunted.

Kĕrid, to turn out a population to work corve'es; a general turn out of the population for public work. Kĕrid batok , a general turn out for work ; all available hands turned out to work.

Kĕridan, people turned out to work corvées. Di gawé kĕridan, to work by corvées.

Kĕrik, to scrape with the edge of knife. To scrape gently in general. To scratch, to scratch out or efface.

Kĕrna, for the reason that, because. (Scr. Karana, cause, motive. Kârana id.)

Kérok, to curry-comb, to scrape roughly. To strike off grain even in any measure — as in a gantang.

Kérong, to twist a rope round any object, so as to bind it securely; entangled. See Pangérong. Sungut anjing di kerong, the mouth of the dog is bound (by a rope twisted round and round its mouth, so that it cannot open it to bite.)

Kĕrta, peace, peaceable, in a state of repose, tranquil. Appears to be a participle of Karanawa, C. 108, to do, to act, to perform. Kĕrta or karta is often met with in the composition of proper names , both of persons and places , and means then- auspicious , fortunate. (Karta, means on Java in the words Surakarta, Ngayogyakarta, rather town. How krĕta, made, can mean peace, I have not yet been able to understand. Fr.)

Kĕrtas, Arabic, paper- Wang kĕrtas, paper money. Sa kĕrtas one guilder in paper money. The more usual word for paper in general is Daluang. (كُرْظَاسٌ :كَِرطاصٌ :كَِرّطَص Arab, but a vox peregrina, Freytag. Latin Charta.)

Kĕrta-Sura, name of the Residency and Capital of Java, near the present Sura-kĕrta or Solo. The name of the Capital was inverted when removed. Karta, accomplished, perfect in all that is done.

Kĕrud, a tiger, but not the Tiger royal, which is called Maung. There is a great variety , in the Sunda districts, of which the Black Tiger, Felis niger, is one.

Kĕruk, to play as children by putting earth in half cocoa nutshells, and turning it out as from a mould.