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has to be squared, or worked up in any way. The tie beams or triangular supports of a house roof.

Kuda Sambrani, a Pegasus; a wonderful horse which can fly.

Kuda Si-dudul, the war steed of Ali, the son in law of Mohammed.

Kuděrang, to prepare green die for cloth.

Kuděrat, arabic, power, omnipotence; nature, disposition. Kuděratna the nature of its inherent disposition. (قُدْرَةٌ Qudrat, potentia, opulentia.)

Kudu, must, a matter of necessity. Kudu di béré, it must be given. Kudu bai di datangkěn it is obsolutely necessary that he should be made to come. (Kudu, Ngoko Kědah, Jav. it is absolutely necessary; to desire absolutely.)

Kudup, a flower-bud.

Kudus, arabic Al khuds- Holy, hallowed. Roh al kudus , the Holy Ghost. Al khudus, is the name for Jerusalem among the Arabs, (قُدْسٌ Quds, puritas, sanctitas; Hierosolyma.)

Kudus, name of a small native town Eastward from Samarang, where the Mohammedan power was established after the overthrow of Majapahit, and hence it got the name of- the Holy.

Kuéh, a cake, any pastry or mess made of rice-flour. (Used at Batavia.)

Kujang, a variety of iron chopper with crooked blade.

Kujurkěn, to direct, to point, to give a direction. Kujurkěn ngalér ngidul, lay it in the direction of North and South.

Kuk-kuk, the native expression used for calling a dog.

Kuku, nail, claw, hoof. (Jav. Mal. idem.)

Kukubluk, also sometimes called Kutuk-bluk, the owl, especially applied to the bird when heard in the night time. (Also Kukuk-bluk at Batavia.)

Kukuh, stanch, firm, stiff, holding well together; said of an animal, as a horse or a buffaloe, which is strong and compact. (Jav. idem.)

Kuku-hěulang, literally Hawk's claws, name of a shrub, a variety of wild mountain gambir: also called Kakait běusi; Uncaria.

Kukular, thread made from the fibres of the pine-apple leaf, waxed and fit for sewing.

Kukulu , a variety of mangga so called.

Kukumur, the slime on a fishe's body; the slippery matter on the body of a fish; the greasiness of a fresh caught fish.

Kukunchung, the feathers which stick up on the top of the head of a peacock or any bird; a topping. (Jav. Kunchung. Batav. Kunchung and Kĕkunchung, a bush of hair on the top of the head, worn by young female children.)

Kukuprak, to rouse amongst, to chase away, to knock about- to look strictly after; to beat the jungle for game.

Kukur, to rub down on a kukuran.

Kukuran, an instrument for rasping cocoanuts. A bit of iron with notches or teeth fixed