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discharged from the epidermis, leaving the skin fair and white as in Europeans. It occurs in blotches on the bodies of some natives, but chiefly on the hands and feet.It is the incipient stage , which if sufficiently extended would make the native an Albino.

Lampat, to line a dam in the rivers with leaves, clay &c so as to close the apertures, and by raising the surface of the water cause it to flow into the canals of irrigation.

Lampĕs, a plant growing wild, with leaves which, when bruised, smell like those of Surawung , which see. Lampĕs is a small shrubby plant with fructification terminal to the branches; is of the family of Labitae, and most probably an Ocymum. See Selasi.

Lamping, the slope or inclination of a hill: a hill side.

Lampit, a rattan mat; a neat mat made of split rattans strung together.

Lampor, said of the water which rises over the top of a dam in the rivers.

Lampu, a lamp. Dutch and European generally.

Lampung, the South end of Sumatra, bounding the straits of Sunda on the north.

Lampuyang, a scitameneous plant. Zingiber Zerumbet.

Lamun, if, in the case that, supposing. (Jav. idem. Balin. Lamun and Amun.)

Lamur, dim- sighted, not seeing clearly- purblind. (Jav. idem.)

Lanang, properly Javanese, but still occassionally used: male, masculine; a man.

Lanat, Arabic, a curse. Iblis lanat y the curse of the devil; an ofihand expression telling a man he is lying. (لَعْنَةٌ)

Lancha, a spider. Ramat lancha , a cob-web.

Lancha-maung, literally the Tiger spider , a tarantula , the bite of which is venomous.

Lanchar, divided, split as in numbers.

Lanchĕuk, the oldest child of a family; the oldest brother or sister of a lot of children.

Lanchongan, having an itching desire to move about; always in motion and prying every where.

Landak, a porcupine. Hvstrix longicauda, Hystrix fasciculata.

Landéan, the head of a kris; the handle of a kris. (Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Landéyan, handle of a spear or of a kris.)

Lando, below, lower ground, a lower relative position. The converse of Tonggo which see. Di lando , down the hill, below where we stand.

Landung, long, lengthy, particularly said of anything which looks long when hung up.Pare na landung , the paddy is long in the ear (when held up in bundels). Uluh lair , ulah landung, D'ont let it be pendulous or dangling long. These two expressions con- vey nearly the same idea. (Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Landung , extended, lengthy.)

Lang, a shallow basket for carrying Sĕurĕuh leaves to market, or other articles of merchandise.

Langganan, a constant customer, or a person who constanly supplies any article at a fixed rate or on fixed terms. Langganan béas, a person who is in the habit of supplying us with rice or to whom we regularly sell rice.

Langgar, to attack, to assail; to encroach upon, to interfere with; to break a law or regulation. (Jav. Mal. idem.)