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Lélěp, to thrust down under water, to plunge into mud or slough. (Jav. id. To sink under water; nglélěppakěn , to plunge under water.)

Lélér, to give, to bestow, to confer upon. A refined expression as applied to the act of a great man or a superior. Di lélérkĕn ka kula ku nu bogah, it was bestowed upon me by the owner.

Lělěs, the same as Kondang. Ficus subracemosa.

Lěmah, spot, place. Lěmah pi-imahan, a spot to build a house on. Lěmah goring , a bad spot (often being considered as haunted.) (Jav. Bali. Ground, place, earth; land.)

Lémbang, to wash ore; to wash the earth to seek for ore of metals.

Lěmbang, a small insect so called, of about size of the thumb nail, which often attacks and injures growing paddy, creeping up out of the mud and water in the Sawahs.

Lěmbing-batu, a variety of the foregoing insect.

Lémbong, cleared away, freed from encumbrances, put in order as a piece of ground or a garden. Lémbong ayěunah buruan , the plot of ground in front of the house is now cleared up. Lémbong humah na , his paddy plantation has been weeded all over.

Lěmbu, cattle of the cow kind- properly Javanese. Sa kuru ning lěmbu, such as the leanness of a cow (still lots of meat on so large an animal). A proverb.

Lěmbu, is sometimes an appellation for a chief, especially in ancient history, and originally means- the Bull- in the same way as Maisa, Kěbo, Panggawa, and Rangga are used. See Raffles Vol. 2. Page 80. Lembu Ami Jaya; Lembu Ami Luhur.

Lěmbuhan, part of a native loom. The stick which separates the alternate threads.

Lěmbuhkěn, a variety of wild pigeon.

Lěmbut, small, diminutive.

Lémék, to speak, to articulate. To bisa lémék, he could not speak. Lémék gunung, to speak the mountain (language). To speak Sunda.

Lěmpag, to throw a spear or sharpened bambu.

Lémpénéng, yellow.

Lěmpěng, straight not crooked. Kayu lempeng, straight wood. Lěmpěng bai moro ka imah, and straight on he went home.

Lémpéng, flat and thin like a slab of stone.

Lémpéngan, anything which is put up in small flat parcels like shred tobacco. Flat like a slab of stone.

Lěmpěr, kětan rice made up in leaves and roasted on hot embers.

Lémpér, crippled in the arms or legs, said only of mankind.

Lěmpog, a preparation of Kadu or Durian fruit and sugar.

Lěmpong, the slope of a hill. Lěmpong na gunung ti wétan, on the Eastern slope of the mountain.

Léndéh, laid flat; trampled down; as a standing crop of paddy or the like.

Léndéhkěn, to lay flat, as any growing vegetable matter, either by trampling upon it, or by beating it down with a stick.