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I took him for a beast. Marukan ajang na, laju top bai di bawa, he took it to be meant for himself, and seizing hold of it, took it away.

Marunda, a variety of Mango so called.

Maryĕm, a great gun, a cannon.

Mas, gold , golden ; a jeweller's weight.

Mas, C. 525, a small stone, a pebble; a part, a portion.
Massa, C. 526, a small coin so called.
Māsha, C. 540, a sort of kidney bean, phaseolus radiatus: a jeweller's weight, the seed of the Abrus precatorius, and weighing about 17 grs: troy. Mas is the name for gold in almost all the languages of the Archipelago , and was probably adopted from the Indian Mas or Māsha, a weight for gold, which the Indian traders would, every where, have in use, when purchasing from the natives. In Letty alone, one of the Serwatti group, east of Timor, is still preserved the final a in their word Masa = gold. Timbang mas, gold weight, said when any particular care or minuteness is used in weighing. See Sa mas — Domas.

Mas, a title of rank amongst the natives of Java, below Raden, which see. The word is prefixed to their usual Mohammedan name as- Mas Muhammad , Mas Nargan &c. The word very likely comes from Mas, C. 525, fish, flesh. As the Radens are of the blood (royal) , so those denominated Mas , are only of the flesh , being the next metaphorical approach to royalty.

Mas Kawin, literally — „the gold of marriage" — the money agreed upon to be paid for a wife. This is never actually paid down at a marriage , but is agreed upon , and determined as to amount, and is to be forfeited by the party who insists upon a divorce. The Mas Kawin forms a point of agreement at the settlement of marriage between all persons of property. It is agreed upon with a view to be a check on either party wishing for a divorce on insufficient grounds.

Masa, Portuguese Mas. A word expressing doubt. Is it likely, just as if, forsooth. Masa aing daik méré , Is it likely that I will give. Masa sia daik mayar , lamun to bogah hutang, just as if you would pay, if you had no debt.

Masakat, poor, indigent, without means.

Masigit, the mosque, the Mohammedan temple, or house of prayer. Mésjid,' Marsden 323, Mosque in Arabic.

Masih, yet, still, continuously so. Masih kénéh bai, it still remains so; they are still there. Masih hayang , do you still want some?

Masing, separate, separately, distinctly, individually.

Masinikĕn, under the suppositional- talk of. Masinikěn daik hadé, gěus lila anggĕus, under the supposition , that it could become good , it would long ago have been done. Masinikĕn nyokot paré, gĕrrah de bayar hĕula, talk of laying hold of the paddy, be quick and pay first.

Mas-masan, golden trinkets.