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Mikono, to report, to tell, to give notice.

Mikrah, to read the Koran in the mosque during the fasting month, after the ceremony of Tarawé is over. This happens in the night time, and is performed by the more religiously disposed. The great mass of the congregation leaving when the Tarawé is done. (Ar. From قرٲ kara'a, to read).

Milir, to flow down, to go length ways with the current; to follow down a river. (jav. Mal. Bat idem)

Milu, to follow, to accompany, to go along with. (jav. idem)

Mimis, small shot for a gun- bird shot.

Mimiti, to begin, to commence. (Jav. Wiwit, commencement, of bibit, seed; Jav, Miwitti, Mimitti, to begin).

Min, to take up money in advance under promise to do some work. Pĕdati min, Pedaties or carts which receive money in advance to be paid off by dragging loads.

Menantu, a son or daughter in law. Probably from word "Bantu" that means to help, and Menantu may be thus very fairly translated literally- „an assistant”- as with the natives, the son in law becomes subservient to his wife's parents, and becomes as it were, one of their family, leaving his own. This is after the fashion of the old worthies of the Bible , who served for their wives , as is seen in the 29 chapter of Genesis , where Jacob served Laban, twice for the space of seven years, for his daughters Leah and Rachel.

Minatu, a washer-man, a person who washes clothes.

Minchĕk, an animal of the deer kind, called in Malay Kidang. Cervus muntjac. Hoih Minchěk, a small and thin variety of rattan.

Mindĕng, often, frequently.

Mindi, the Indian bread tree. Melia Azedarachta.

Mindo, second cousins , being children of first cousins or Misan. (From Dua, two; relations of the second degree).

Minggat, to run away, to make an escape. (Jav. idem)

Mingsiri, the sort of smoked opium.

Mintalu, the third time of ploughing upland. The upland plough only scratches the ground slightly the first time of ploughing, and the process must be done at least three times before it is fit for sowing. (From Telu , Jav. Tilu , Sund. three).

Mintar, to proceed, to get under weigh. To start. (Jav. according to Gericke Kawi, ide).

Minton, to show oneself, to present oneself in token of obedience. (From Ton, Annon, Jav. to see, to look; to know.)

Mintul, blunt, not sharp. Figuratively, being disregarded, not obeyed

Minyak, oil. Minyak kalapa, cocoanut oil. Minyak jarak, castor oil, Minyak tanĕuh, earth oil, petroleum.

Menyan, Gum benjamin, Benzoin; imported from Sumatra, as it is not an indigenous