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Nagĕn, to persevere; to undertake with vigour; to set to work with resolution. Nagĕn di pagawéan, keeping close at his work.

Nagi, to demand the payment of a debt; to dun. (Mal. tagi).

Nagog, sitting or crouching down carelessly. Nagog bai di imah, loitering in the house. Nagog bai di buruan, squatting in the yard before the house.

Nagrég, dry poor soil, where little or nothing will grow; hard bad soil, where hardly a wild grass or weed will grow, or thrive.

Nah, an interjection of reproach; an expression in finding fault with any one. Nah! sia nundutan dĕui, there you are napping again.

Naha, how comes it? for what reason? Wat naha! an expression of remonstrance: How can that possibly be! Bij what means is that! Naha sia to daik pĕupĕuli ka aing, how comes it that you do not tell me?

Nahĕun, to set, as a trap or other device for ensnaring. Nahĕun bachang, to set a springe to take an animal. Nahĕun gaul, and Nahĕun bubu, two methods of taking fish by setting those traps in rivers.

Naheur, to boil; especially to boil water or juice for sugar.

Nahi, failing in work which a man cannot get through; beat with a job; not able to get through any work given. Labour in vain.

Naik, to ascend, to go aloft; to increase in number or quantity. To assume a high office. Naik pangkat, to ascend in office. Naik raja, to become a king. Naik haji to become a pilgrim at Mecca. Naik kuda, to mount a horse. Naik kapal, to embark in a ship. (Mal. idem).

Najis, decidedly not (the word implies a strong and positive denial or. disbelief). Wat najis tĕuyn, it is a most positive lie. Najis sia bisa bayar, it is quite impossible that you should be able to pay.

Najong, to strike with the fore foot.

Nakĕr, very, in an extreme degree. Hadé nakĕr, it is very good. Murah nakĕr, it is very cheap. Luhur nakĕr, exceedingly high.

Nakhoda, persian, the master of a vessel; a native captain of a seagoing ship or vessel. Nakhoda prahu Bugis, the master of a Bugis prow. ( ناحدا Nakhudā , Pers. master خدا, khudâ of a ship ناو nâv).

Naksi, said of a woman who sues for a divorce.

Nal, wadding for loading a gun (which in Java, is generally with the natives sabut or coir teazed out of the husk of the cocoanut).

Nalik, as respects, regarding, taking into consideration. Nalik ka na bogah na susah nyambut, taking into consideration the difficulty there is in working it.

Naliktik, to seek, to peep, to look after.

Nambag, to accumulate; collected in a heap. Said especially of water which, meeting any obstacle in its course , accumulates and rises up so as to overflow that obstacle, or finds vent sideways. Said also of matter , as earth , mud , sand , leaves and sticks which