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abrupt precipice. (Kw. Ger. Tawing, shut out of view, covered; also name of a mountain). Nayaka, a noble man, a man of high birth, a grandee. Nayaka, C. 819, chief, princi- pal, head, pre-eminent.

Nayĕuh, same as Tayĕuh, which see. Teu nayĕuh, it does not look like it ; it is not likely. (Cf. Kw. Ger. Tayuh, an apparition, a vision in dreaming).

Néam, it appears to me, it strikes me. Néam mohal hadé, it appears to me as if it would not be right. Néam na pondok , it strikes me that it is short.

Néang, same as Téang , to look for, to search, to get hold of, to call.

Nĕbal, to begin, to commence. To take any work in hand. Nĕbar, to sow seeds broad cast. To scatter seed over land prepared for that purpose. To sow sawah paddy as seed in the Pabinihan, to be subsequently transplanted. (Jav.Sĕbar, Nyĕbar Nĕbar idem).

Nébéng, slope, ascent; a flat but upright surface.

Nĕda, to eat, a refined expression. Eukĕur nĕda, he is just eating. (Bal.Nĕda, to eat).

Nĕdah, to ask, to entreat. Nĕdah kalapa sa hulu, I beg of you one fruit of the cocoanut (Jav. Nĕdah, Kr. Nuduh Ng. to assign, to show, to order).

Nĕdas, done up entirely, totally destroyed or allowed to goto ruin. (Tĕdas, hit, wounded).

Nĕdĕng, in season; ocurring in quantities, abundant, said of fruit; in the busy act of doing something. Said of anything that is plentiful , or of any operation which is in the midst of being performed. Kadu ĕukĕur nĕdĕung , Durians are plentiful. Nĕdĕng di buat, in the midst of cutting paddy. (Jav. Mai. Sĕdĕng, sufficient; apt, becoming; at the very time. Nĕdĕng, to do at the right time. Kw. Sĕdĕng and Sĕdĕk, at the time that).

Négla, visable from a distance, exposed to view. Di gunung négla amat ka laut, on the mountains you have a fine prospect over the sea. Négla tĕuyn kalakuan sia, your actions are too clearly seen. The place in Bantam called Pandeglan, seems derived from this word négla, with Pan before it, and an after. The N of négla is transformed into D, as is the case with some other words, as Pandĕurĕusan , from Nĕureĕus. Pandéglan in Bantam is on the eastern slope of the Gunung Karang , and commands a fine view. (The d in Pandéglanand Pandĕurĕusan seems to be euphonically inserted. Fr.)

Nĕjum, arabic, the stars; a horoscope, astrology. (نجم Najim; plur. نجم Nujum, or نجوم Nujfim, stars).

Nĕk, an idiomatic expression of feeling sorrow, or regret; of feeling hurt. Ari ngadengi tĕu mĕunang , nĕk bai, when I heard that it could not be got, I was quite hurt.

Nékér, to strike a light with a flint and steel. See Panékér.

Nĕktĕk, perpendicular. Bolt upright: especially said of anything which is very high, as a mountain.