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Ngaburial, to bubble up as water in small quantities; said of small articles which keep floating upwards in water.

Ngabuyut, to follow in a row as natives follow after a chief. To go in company with.

Ngachabur, to splash in water; to swim in the splashing manner of natives. (Jav. Chěbur, Mal. Chabur, to spring into the water).

Ngachalok, to hop; to settle as a bird; to perch. (Bat. Měnchěluk, id.).

Ngachir, to run away in fear; to run off when worsted; defeated and fugitive.

Ngacho, to talk vauntingly. To hold bragging talk which of itself is evidently untrue.

Ngadalit, to stare, to look earnestly.

Ngadapang, down on all fours on the ground. Crouched down on the ground. Sneaking along in a crawling position.

Ngadawěung, to stare at, to look steadily; to gaze. To look as if at a loss what to do. Agog and perplexed.

Ngaděg, to set up for; to establish oneself; to be installed in an office. Gěus ngadeg sudagar, he has set up for a trader. Ngaděg děmang, to be installed as a Demang. (Jav. Bal. Ngaděg, to stand; to reign, to have authority).

Ngadégdég, to tremble, to shiver with fear or cold or the like.

Ngaděkěm, crouched down; squatting on the ground. It also means stuffing yourself, feeding eagerly, as the natives always cower down when eating. Doing anything with great intentness.

Ngaděkuk, squatting down with one knee to the ground and the other to the chin. Said also of a horse which falls down with one leg bent, and the other stuck out in front. (Jav. Bat. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Děkok, to sleep).

Ngaděmpěs, crouching down, as if hiding oneself.

Ngadéngi, to hear, to listen to. Ulah sok ngadéng'i ka jélĕma burung, d'ont be always listening to foolish people. (Mal. Děngar, to hear. Jav. Děngěr, Déngěr, to understand. Kw. Děngěr, (Symbol missingJavanese characters) to hear).

Ngaděpa, lying down as a beast; sleeping on the ground. Unchal kapanggih eukeur ngadepa, we came upon the deer whilst lying on the ground.

Ngaděuhěusan, to approach, to draw near to; a refined expression. Ngaděuhěusan ka nu gědé, to approach great men, to seek an interview with men in authority.

Ngaděulěuh, to see, to view, to behold. Kudu ngaděulěuh ka kulon, you must look towards the west. (Cf. Jav. Kw. Dulu. Kawi of inscriptions, Dělě, (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Bat. Dělok).

Ngaděupa, a superstitious ceremony performed at some Kramat or old graves. A man takes a stick, by preference cut from the Sulangkar, and measures with it his fathom, Děupa, which is then cut off. Such sticks are laid upon the Kramat, and if, after saying a prayer, they are found to be a little longer, the prayer will be granted.

Ngadiyĕukan, to be seated on; to cause to appear in anything which is growing. Ngadiukan manéh, to go and sit oneself down with a request, and refusing to leave till granted. Said of persons who thus go and request a daughter in marriage etc.