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Pang'alapan, the spot where water is admitted upon a lot of sawahs, to be distributed thereon. The place where water is tapped out of a canal. The terrace of sawahs which receives the water coming immediately from the canal or the river and which is usually the finest of the whole lot, getting the most and the best of the sediment.

Pang'ali, an instrument for digging earth; usually a stake of wood sharpened at one end.

Pang'alitan, shamming, pretending to be ill when much work is on hand, and much ordering about may be expected.

Pang'ang'onan, the place where cattle, especially buffaloes graze.

Pang'antén, a bridegroom or bride. Probably from anti, to wait, to long for. Pang'antén lalaki, the bridegroom. Pang'antén awéwé, the bride.

Pangapuan, a lime kiln, more usually called Pakapuran, a case or place to hold lime in.

Pang'arah, the object of our desires. That which we long for.

Pang'arakan, a place or establishment where arack is made.

Pang'arakan, the apparatus for carrying a person in procession. A processional chair.

Pang'ari, a wooden spade, an instrument used to turn over rice in the pan whilst cooking.

Pang'aruh, propitious, efficacious in obtaining: lucky. Used when any prayer to God, or petition to man is granted. Pang'aruh ing jampé, obtained by the efficacious power of incantation.

Pang'asaman, the idea prevails that poisonous snakes whet their fangs on certain vegetables in the jungle, thereby imparting their venom to them. Now if a man gets scratched or wounded by such a piece of vegetable, and the wound festers and becomes an ulcer, the people say it comes from the snakes poison, and such a disease is called Pang'asaman.

Pang'asih, commisseration, pity; anything which we do or concede out of consideration to another. See Kasih.

Pang'asuh, a nurse, a woman to take care of infants.

Pang'awinan, the spear bearers in a procession. Halberdiers, a name given to the inhabitants of certain villages, who formerly held the office of halberdiers. See Kawin.

Pang'ayogya-an, indication, something to serve as a guide; a word compounded in the Polynesian fashion from Yogya, C. 577, suitable, fit, proper, becoming. A calculator of expedients.

Pang'ayogya-an patahunan, the indicators of yearly work. Such are the trees Randu, Kenyéré and Jéngkol coming into flower, which is generally about July, which is a warning to begin to cut down fresh forest for next year's humah.

Pang'ayunan, a royal bed chamber.

Pangbabuk, a short thick stick sometimes carried as a weapon of defence.

Pangbĕdilan, as Sa pangbĕdilan, the distance which a gun will carry.

Pangbĕdol Sambung, a payment made for deserting the cockpit. Name of a tax levied in Bantam by the native chiefs on those who remove from their jurisdiction.

Pangchalikan, a seat. A refined expression.