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Apal, versed in, skilled in, well acquinted with any matter.

Apěm, a kind of confectionary or paste made with rice flour. Appa C. 63. a kind of cake or muffin made of rice flour.

Apěs, delicate, easily laid up with illness; pretending to be disgusted; nice, in the sense of not liking rough work; Babari apes, téré mepes, easily disgusted, yon will soon be at a loss- that is, you must not shrink from disagreeable work if you mean to succeed.

Api-api, to feign, to sham, to counterfeit; dissembling.

Api-api name of a tree with hard stem, growing in mud on sea-shore. It makes good fire wood. Aegiceras majus.

Apik, careful, attentive at any work; guarded in conduct; neat, smart.

Apiokkěn, to put together, join or unite together for any definite purpose.

Apis, as Apis buntut, the crupper of a saddle.

Apiun, ar: Opium- See Madat- the inspissated juice of the poppy.

Apok, in conjunction, along with, met, put together.

Aprok, to meet, to find, to be in conjunction with, to meet while out and abroad

Apu, lime, either burnt from shells, coral or limestone.

Apu-apuan, Calotropis gigantea, a plant otherwise called Badori which see. The leaves are largish with a whitish pila on them, which look as if lime had been dredged on them, hence the name which alludes to this peculiarity.

Apun, a rank of birth below mas, and above Uyang.

Apung, to fly, to dart, or to fling up into the air; to jump up; to toss up the head- Manuk apung, the lark,

Apus, the crupper of a saddle; a rope; a string.

Apus, a variety of Bambu. Bambusa apus.

Apus or Sa apus, is a quantity of three hoyas of Plantain fruit.

Arab, ar: an Arab, Arabian, Arabia. Nagara arab, the country of Arabia. Orang Arab an Arab Person.

Arad, a drag-net to catch fish with. Di arad, to drag a net for fish.

Arafat, ar: a hill to the Eastward of Mecca, to which the pilgrims resort, and which ceremony forms part of the process of becoming a Haji. The visit to the hill of Arafat is made on the 9th of time month of Haji, and terminates on the 12th. Arafat is some 15 or 16 miles to the Eastward of Mecca.

Arah, to wish for, to covet, to desire, to have in mind to get. To di arah deui, it is no longer desired, no further use will be made of it.

Arak, an ardent spirit made from rice, palm wine and molasses, Arrack-Arakku, C. 45. Arrack, a spirituous liquor.

Arak, a kind of hardwood; vitex leucoxylon; the same as Laban.

Arak, to carry in triumphal procession, especially as the bride at a marriage, or children just before they are to be circumcised.