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„ferings“ — and the whole set of words will be „The Dalam who is illustrious brought „down by offerings”. (23).[1].

Balik, to return, to go back. Geus balik, he has gone or come back.

Balik, the reverse, the other side, the back of any thing. Di balik lawang behind the door- Di balik na, on the other side of it.

Balikan, to return to the attack; to go over again, as work.

Balikkĕn, to send back, to drive back, to return, to put back.

Balimbing, an acid fruit, Averrhoa Carambola.

Balimbing bĕusi, another variety of averrhoa.

Baliyung, the native axe or hatchet; it has no shafthole, but the top is spindle shaped, allowing it to be set in its socket, at any angle. This is the native axe or hatchet, which is probably made after the model of stone axes, before iron was known. The shaft has a bit of the wood at right angles, at one end, for which purpose a piece of wood with its root has been selected. Round this projecting head- piece is fixed a bit of buffaloe hide, sewed together with thongs, which are also cut out of hide; and between the hide- cap and the wood, the head of the axe, which is a long spike of iron, is driven in. This spike turns round with a good knock, sideways and so the blade can be easily set at any angle to the shaft, and form, as may be desired, an axe or even a cooper's adze; and when set at any intermediate point, is found very useful for dubbing down wood.

Balla, European- a ball, the dance of Europeans. Main bala to dance.

Balok, a beam, a piece of timber. A rude representative of coin formerly used by the Dutch, being the end of a rod of Japan copper cut off in equal lengths and stamped. Balk, Dutch- a Beam.

Balong, to keep a sawah constantly under water, even at times when no crop is growing, which is thought to improve the land.

Baluk, small boats used on the rivers in the residency of Bantam, for the purpose of conveying merchandise.

Balumbang, a pool of water; the muddy pool which is always seen under the steps into a native house, caused by the washing of the feet.

Balung, a bone.

Baluntas, a shrubby herb growing near the sea shore, Pluchea indica.

Bamban, also pronounced sometimes Bangban. A Scitameneous plant, Maranta Tonchat or Maranta Indica, from which Arrow-root is made.

Bambung, a large Coleopterous beetle often found about cocoanut trees.

  1. I should rather think it to be baliwat, possessed of offerings, rich in offerings, receiving many offerings. See bagawat, Fr.