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Buyut, forbidden by some hereditary or traditionary injunction. Different families of the natives are found, who labour under various prohibitions, often regarding articles of food; as many families are, from acient times, forbidden the use of the flesh of the white Buffaloe , others that of the turtle dove &c , and for such people this flesh is

Buyut. Thus Buyut is applied to any thing else in the sense of „ Sacredly forbidden".

Buyut, is also a term of relationship, as applied by people to their progenitor or descendant in the fourth generation , as the Great Grandfather or Great Grandchild (Kabujutan are the places of worship of the ancestors found in every Balinese house. Buyut is thus taken in the sense of ancestors, pitara, and as an adjective means coming, derived from, enjoined by the ancestors. Fr.)

Cha-ah, a flood, an inundation, a rise in the rivers after rain. Chai geus cha-ah, the river is swollen with a flood.

Cha-ah d£ngd£ng, a flood which comes down suddenly, some two to four feet or more high, which has great force , and sweeps dams and other impediments away before it. A Bore.

Cha-ang, clear, bright, brilliant; cleaned up, put in order; daylight. ClTh&or Ch'han, C. 201. pure, clean. Geus cha-ang, it is day light. Jalan gede cha-ang ayeuna, the great road is now cleaned up. (Skr. Ch'haya , is light ; lustre ; but I doubt if Cha-ang can be derived of it. Fr. See the article chahaya).

Chabak, to handle; to take work in hand; to lay hands on. Pagawean eta kudu di chabaky you must take that work in hand.

Chabar, careless, indifferent.

Chabe the capsicum or red pepper so universally used as a condiment by the natives. It is distinguished when necessary from Chabdrawit, by the name of Chabd gedd, the the big chabe. Variously called by Botanists Capsicum Frutescens , Capsicum annuum ; or Capsicum Incurvum.

Chabe areui, the same as Chabe Jawa- Piper longum.

Chabe Jawa, Long pepper. Piper longum; called in Malay lada panjang.

Chabe Rawit, a small variety of pepper, more pungent than the foregoing ones; Capsicum Fastigiatum. Raxoit is Javanese and not Sunda, and means either fine , handsome , or as is more likely to be here the case , a sort of small worm or maggot. The bird's eye pepper.

Chabol, dwarf, of diminutive size.

Chabuk, Persian, a whip. (Chumdk a stick with a knotty head. Vullers lex Persico-latinum. Chubuk a whip; virga. Meninski; who gives it as a turkish word).

Chabur, to splash in water in swimming; to move through water with force or impetuosity.

Chabut, to eradicate, to pull or pluck up or out; to extract, to select; to remove from a post or situation: to substract, to deduct.

Chacha, a common man; in contradistinction to a person of noble birth. A man turned