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Illustrated books:—

  • Kengu irigomi sento shinwa (?), 1802, black and white.
  • Fuku nezumi Shiriwo no Futozawo, the lucky rat, 1804, in colour.
  • Sunden jitsujitsuke (?), romance by Bakin, 1805, 5 vols., black and white.
  • Katakiuchi sembonzakura, fantastic stories, 1809, black and white.
  • Tosei shoriu ika bonedzu, bouquets, excellent in draughtsmanship and colour (Berlin Kunstgewerbemuseum). Duret (No. 219 seqq.) mentions works of 1793 and 1807.

Reproductions:—Anderson, Japanese Wood-Engraving, No. 22; Strange at p. 46.

Further pupils of Toyokuni are mentioned by the Hayashi Catalogue: Kuninaga (No. 1090); Kunimitsu (No. 1091); Kuninao (No. 1093); Utagawa Yoshimaru (No. 1096).

Utagawa Toyomaru is mentioned as having done actor pictures about the year 1800 (Bing Catalogue, No. 233). A book illustrated by him appeared at Yedo in 1798. Illustration in Hayashi Catalogue (No. 1052). Sekko (Gillot Catalogue) and Raisen (Gillot Catalogue, print with two dates) worked at the same time as Toyomaru.