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selves were they to shrink from giving the cats all the force they are capable of.

Having made these general remarks on the misery of a convict's situation, with a few of the crimes that they are punished for, I will now, from the official returns of the local authorities, inform you how the whole of them are disposed of:—

Total number of male convicts 19,551
Assigned servants 9,672
Artizans on loan 765
Tickets of leave 1,850
Employed in public works 3,847
Constables 349
Chain gangs 1,435
Missing 391
Confined in gaol 94
Invalids 236
Penal settlement. Port Arthur 912
Total number of female convicts 2,709
Assigned servants 1,252
Assigned to husbands 120
In Hobart House of Correction 456
In George's Town Do. 84
Missing 198
Tickets of leave 500
Invalids 80
In gaol for trial 19
Total number of convicts, male and female 22,260

I will now give you a brief account of their situation according to the different heads under which they are placed:—

9672 Assigned Servants.—Men or women lent to the settler; their work is laborious in the extreme, and they are under the greatest possible subjection, they are compelled to work from sun-rise to sun-set, and must on all occasions obey their masters or over-