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tions which it might, from subsequent discoveries of his own, seem to demand. Finding, on his return, that his editor had made important additions to the number of species, the honourable mind of Mr. Schweinitz led him to request that it should appear as their joint production, remarking that "the judicious and elaborate amendments he has proposed, and the mass of new and valuable matter he has added, entitle Dr. Torrey to a participation in the authorship of the work." This incident is mentioned only as indicative of the feelings and dispositions of the man.

The voyage this year undertaken, was with a purpose similar to that of 1818, and on both occasions he exercised on the deliberations of his brethren at Herrnhut a decided and salutary influence.

During his absence from the country his paper on the new American species of Spheriæ, one of the largest genera of the Fungus tribe, was communicated to this Academy, and appeared in the fifth volume of the Journal.

On his return, near the close of the year, his pursuits, except the superintendence of the literary institution, which he had previously relinquished, were resumed, with his wonted alacrity. The great work to which he now devoted his leisure was the Synopsis of North American Fungi, which was originally designed for publication in some of the European journals, but which he was induced to present, in 1831, for insertion among the collections of the Philosophical Society of this city.

Until the year 1830, the health of Mr. Schweinitz